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Our 2007 Baby Album

Lisa Roskopf
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1 day old Pygora kids with full tummies and now ready for a nap! 
Photo taken 3/20/07

ShastasWether3-25-07web.jpg (88678 bytes)
Mandy's 3 day old baby wether enjoying a beautiful spring day!
Photo taken by Mandy Oriet 3/25/07

MandyandShastasBWBabyweb.gif (83631 bytes)
Mandy holding one of her new babies out of  her 4H goat, Shasta.
Photo taken 3/27/07

KidsPlaying3-31-07web.jpg (72206 bytes)
Babies at play
Photo taken by Mandy Oriet 3/31/07

Mommaandnewbornbabys3-31-07web.jpg (88289 bytes)
Momma feeding her babies
Photo taken by Mandy Oriet 3/31/07

Tattooedbabies3-31-07web.jpg (77014 bytes)
Kids tattooed and disbudded!
Photo taken by Mandy Oriet 3/31/07

GumDropsKids4-6-07web.jpg (112004 bytes)
Gum Drop and her 1 hour old twin red doelings
Photo taken 4/6/07

2007twinkids4-18-07web.jpg (81853 bytes)
Twins enjoying a warm sunny day!
Photo taken 4/18/07

2007Haneskid4-18-07web.jpg (102439 bytes)
Mom and her "T-shirt" baby
Photo taken 4/18/07

2007momandtriplets4-18-07web.jpg (68543 bytes)
Mom with her triplets.  We had 3 sets of triplets born this year!
Photo taken 4/18/07

2007momandtwins4-18-07web.jpg (81445 bytes)
Mom and her twins
Photo taken 4/18/07

2007Babiesintreeweb.jpg (111036 bytes)
Babies in tree

2007me.jpg (72250 bytes)
Me and my little love bugs!

2007Momwithbabyonbackweb.jpg (92775 bytes)
What a mom will put up with!

Bambam-Pebbles5-24-07web.jpg (64275 bytes)
Mandys' 4H goats, Pebbles and Bam Bam

X026-TylerandEcho-8-05-07web.jpg (57081 bytes)
Our grandson Tyler, and "Echo" on a sunny summer afternoon!

MiyaandJuneBug-8-5-07web.jpg (120959 bytes)
Our Grand daughter Miya, and her favorite goat, "June Buggy"


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