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Our 2008 Baby Album

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Our 1st babies born in 2008!
Photo taken 3/11/08

PumpkinSpiceandBaby3-17-08web.jpg (88130 bytes)
Pumpkin Spice and her baby.

Photo taken 3/17/08

Blueberry's happy baby!

Photo taken 3/27/08

Y120andMandyweb.jpg (57984 bytes)
Mandy and her favorite baby, Gum Drop's baby girl.

LilyMemoryandBaby3-19-08web.JPG (95036 bytes)
Lily's Memory and her baby

Y064-CuteBaby-3-21-08web.JPG (107678 bytes)
Sleepy baby, Y064

Y108-WhiteCaramelMaleweb.JPG (82684 bytes)
White Caramel baby, Y108
Y019MommaandKid-3-16-08web.JPG (102289 bytes)
Momma and baby, Y019
Y092-BrownFemale-ScreamingBabyweb.JPG (94070 bytes)
Talking baby, Y092.
Y047andY046SweetBabies3-19-08web.JPG (107806 bytes)
Sweet twin babies, Y046 and Y047
Y100-BrownExcitedBabyweb.JPG (106257 bytes)
Excited baby, Y100
PandorasMemoryandY014-3-28-08web.jpg (98210 bytes)
Pandora's Memory and her baby, Y014
GumDropsTriplets-1web.jpg (111318 bytes)
Gum Drops Triplets
Y111-JumpingBabyweb.jpg (112399 bytes)
Jumping Baby

Sarah notes her observations as she handles each kid during herd health day.  Each kid also received their first CDT vaccination in a series of 3 boosters.  
Babiesintreeweb.jpg (108413 bytes)
Our Baby Pygoras love climbing in trees!
PreparingforShearing11-5-08web.jpg (79079 bytes)
Sarah is preparing for shearing.   Blowing the vegetation out of the fleece before shearing saves hours of picking after shearing.  
Shearing_Divinity_10-1-08.jpg (90572 bytes)
Divinity, a 2 time grand champion doe, gets sheared after show season.  
2008OFFF-Mandy-Sarah-OnyxprepareforDiamondAwardComp-1web.jpg (110023 bytes)
Mandy and Sarah with our grand champion doe, "Onyx" at the 2008  Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.  
2008DiamondAward-RawFiber.jpg (144987 bytes)
Our doe, "Inka" won the coveted Diamond award in the overall raw fiber division. 
2008goatinsnow-2web.jpg (112855 bytes)
2008 winter snow storm

 2008DeepSnowweb.jpg (75315 bytes)
Goats make trails through the deep snow to get to the low hanging fir boughs for a tasty treat.  

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