What is a Pygora Goat?
Pygora Goats
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The Pygora Breeders Association was established in 1987.  The PBA has it's own breed registry which requires all animals to meet the Pygora goat breed standards and it also includes a fleece grading of each animal before it can be permanently registered.
You can find out more about the Pygora Breeders Association at:  www.pba-pygora.org

Pygora goats are a specialty goat with multiple uses.  Pygora goats are growing in popularity for their unique fiber and friendly disposition.   Pygora goats are great for the small farm. They are great with kids, produce wonderful hand spinning fiber, and are wonderful brush eaters. They are fun loving and always curious.

They originate from the crossing of a registered NPGA (National Pygmy Goat Association) Pygmy goat and a registered AAGBA (American Angora Goat Breeders Association) White Angora goat.   The Angora goat brings in the white mohair fiber and the Pygmy brings in the color and Cashmere type fiber.  An interesting thing to note is that all colors seen on the Pygora goats are derived from the Pygmy goat!

Pygora goats are easy keepers, easy kidders, and easy to handle because of their smaller size. They can produce up to a quart of milk a day and make great sociable and lovable pets as well as produce downy-soft fiber too!

Pygora goats are easy keepers and don’t require any special feed besides grass hay when fresh grass is no longer available.  We also offer all of our livestock free-choice mineral salt (with Selenium if you live in the Pacific Northwest).  It's always wise to check with your local county extension office to find out about any deficiencies that might be in your area.  Of course, you can still spoil them with a little grain!

Our Pygora goats are "grain-trained". If we need to gather them up, a shake of a  plastic pop bottle filled with grain will have the goats following us anywhere.  If you are going to feed your Pygora goats grain, we recommend grain without molasses in it as this can cause problems in your wethers and bucks.  We will "flush" our Pygora does with grain before breeding season and again right before kidding season begins as the Pygora does may need this extra energy at these times.  We might also grain our does if it is a long, cold winter.

More of our Champion Pygora Goats

Hawks Mountain Ranch

1998 Washington County Fair
Champion Pygora Wether
Best of Show

Owner:  Pam Gilbertson

Windshadow's Inkie

1998 Reserve Grand Champion Pygora Doe
Oregon State Fair

1998 Best Pygora Fleece Type-B
Oregon State Fair

1999 Grand Champion Pygora Doe & Golden Fleece award Pygora Fiber Frenzy

2001 Grand Champion Pygora Fleece and  Diamond Award for overall raw fiber
Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival