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Yes, Pygoras really can Fly......
......Air Cargo that is!!!

Lisa Roskopf
Phone: (503) 539-0295
Website: www.hawksmtnranch.com
51920 S.W. Dundee Road  Gaston OR 97119

Are you interested in our Pygora goats but you think you live too far away?  We can fly them to you right after weaning.  Or check out Livestock transporters listed on Facebook!

We have lots of experience with flying animals across the country and would be happy to help make all the travel arrangements to the nearest larger airport near you. Ask us for details.  

Flying Pygora's from the Portland Oregon, PDX Airport

Backing up to the Air Cargo dock at the Portland Airport to unload our Pygora Buckling.

Our buckling, "Silver Hawk" is on his way to the airplane.  He is heading to his new home in North Carolina.

We can delivery by trailer within 50 miles of Portland, OR.  Contact us for more info.

Contact us for delivery information at:
 Lisa@hawksmtnranch.com   or 503-539-0295

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