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Below are frequently (and not so frequently) asked questions that I have received through e-mail about Pygora goats.  I thought I would start compiling these onto a web page in hopes of answering any questions you may have.  If you have a question and it is not on this list, I would love you hear from you.

Thank you so much,  Lisa

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Kidding Questions:

You Asked:  How old are Pygora bucks when they start breeding?

My answer:  Pygora bucks can breed as young as 4 months of age.

You Asked:  How old are Pygora does when you breed them or do you go by weight?

My answer:  I wait until the Pygora doeling is over one year of age before I breed them. I feel they are too small and young to handle kidding under 1 year of age. 

You Asked:  What are signs of heat?

My answer:  The signs of heat can vary in each doe. In some does you can't even tell when they are cycling and others will be more vocal than normal and usually "flag" their tails as a sign they are in heat. They will also be more attentive to the buck by staying near him and not run away.

You Asked:  What are signs of kidding?

My answer:  The doe may start to nest by digging around to find her spot to kid. She may become more vocal and her back end starts to pucker and look swollen. Laying down and straining is a sure sign. Once hard labor (aggressive pushing and straining) starts, you should see kids within an hour. If not, you will want to contact your vet and ask for advise as the doe may be having difficulties.

I have recently put information about kidding onto my website. I suggest you print it out and read it as it should be helpful to answer many of the questions you have asked. You can find it at:

You Asked:  I want to set up a kidding kit what should I put in it?

My answer:  You can find a list of kidding supplies at my website at:

You Asked:  If I have orphan kids what kind of milk replacer can I use? bottles?

My answer:  I use Mericks super lamb milk replacer as I found it is the best to avoid diarrhea in baby goats.   As second choice, I will use Land O' Lakes lamb milk replacer. You can get milk replacer at your feed store.  If it is the kids first milk, you want to make sure you give them colostrum during the first 12 hours. This has antibodies in it to help the kids immune system. Colostrum is the first milk the doe produces. If you are unable to milk the doe to give the milk to the baby, then you can buy powdered colostrum as a substitute. I always keep colostrum powder on hand. You can get it sometimes at the feed store but don't count on it. You may want to order it through a feed catalog.

I use plastic coke bottles and attach a Pritchard nipple to it.  I have used regular baby bottles and nipples in a pinch. You will want to make a bigger hole in the nipple though. If you use a regular nipple, you will want to keep pulling back on the bottle as the kid drinks so as to not create a suction and the kid isn't able to get any milk out. That is what is nice about the Pritchard nipple, it has a valve in it so that it doesn't do this.

You Asked:  Should the doe be in a pen by herself when she kids?

My answer:  I make sure the doe is comfortable when and where she kids. I like to keep her surroundings the same if possible and only moving her and her kids into the barn after she has kidded.  If it is a prolonged labor and I feel may need closer observation, I might move her into a pen in the barn so the other does and kids won't bother her.  I'll make sure she can see the rest of the herd so she doesn't get upset which can slow down the kidding process. 

You Asked:  Do you give any shots to the kids at birth? What?

My answer:  I give a selenium and vitamin E shot at birth (BOSE) as the Pacific Northwest is deficient in selenium.  You will need to get this from your vet.

If the dam hasn't had her CDT (Clostridium types C & D and Tetanus) booster shot 4-6 weeks prior to kidding, then the kids will need a CDT shot at birth. If the dam has had her CDT booster shot 4-6 weeks prior to kidding, then the kids don't get their first CDT shots until they are 4-5 weeks of age, then a 2nd booster 2 weeks later and a third booster 4 weeks later.

You Asked:  How old are the kids when you vaccinate and worm and what do you give?

My answer:  I will give the first wormer to the kids at around 2-3 months of age. They get a series of CDT shots starting at 4-5 weeks of age, a booster 2 weeks later and a third booster 4 weeks later.


Fiber Related Questions

Question asked: Shearing, combing or plucking type B and C goats, which do you prefer? 

My answer:  When the fiber starts to "shed", I am busy "plucking" and shearing my goats over a 3 week time period.  I prefer to "pluck" versus combing as I find that it sells very quickly this way.   I pluck the fiber into my hand with the fiber all going in one direction.  When my hand is full, I lay it down in a box with the tips all going one direction.  I place them in rows.  The fiber is then ready to be picked up and spun right from the box.  It can be either folded over the finger to spin or spun right from the locks.  When I have combed, I spend
too much time trying to recomb it after I take it off the brush as the ends get tangled in the brush.

I have used a metal toothed dog slicker comb also.  After 3 swipes, then I take the fiber off the brush.  Any more "swiping" tangles up the end of the fibers too much.

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