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How to wash a Pygora sweater

1.  Measure the sweater buttoned up.

Measure from:
Side to side
~Back down
~Front down
~Under sleeve
~Under arm seam
~Shoulder to end of sleeve
~Arm width (opening of sweater at wrist area)

2.  Use woolite in luke warm water in bowl

3.  Rinse out in water until clear water.  The more water you use, the better.

4.  Use 1/2 tsp unscented fabric softener in rinse water.  Not too much.  It is for softness.

5.  Squeeze out excess moisture.

6.  Lay down in one layer on towel.

7.  Roll up in towel.   This presses out the excess water

8.  Use fresh towel and put sweater on it.

9.  Lay sweater out how it was before washing.  Button up sweater.

10.  Re-measure sweater and adjust to size.

11.  Let dry over night.  Turn over once to dry.

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