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Shearing Equipment
for harvesting Pygora fiber

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Shearing Equipment we use

Below are photos of the various shearing equipment we use in harvesting Pygora fiber.   


Pictured from left to right:

Fiskar Brand scissors (Far left)
 Found at many office supply stores.  This is the most economical way to go for a small herd.   The shape of the handles make it easier and less tiring for your hands when taking fleece off a few goats.  These scissors are also great for cutting individual locks of fiber to be used for craft projects such as doll hair or Santa beards.   

Oster Brand Golden A5 trimmers (2nd from left)
Found in the horse section of many feed stores.  I used to used this before I owned the Shear Master electric shearers.   It is slower than the bigger shearers but is great for smaller flocks.  Less likely to accidentally cut a wiggly animal.  

Shear Master Brand Electric Shearer (3rd from left)
with 10 teeth "Sheep Comb"  

 I found the wider spaces between the teeth of the comb is especially good for the Type A Pygoras as their fiber is a thicker diameter than the type B and Cs.  Some type A Pygoras also have more grease in there fiber and I find the cutter and blades don't "gum" up as quickly as with the "goat" comb.

Shear Master Brand Electric Shearer (far right)
with 20 teeth "goat" comb

I like this for my for my Type B and C Pygoras.  I find that it cuts through finer fleeces with less "short fuzzy" cuts.   I also found I'm less likely to accidently cut a wiggly goat with this blade.



Close up photo of the shearing blades used on the Shear Master Electric Shearer

Left:  10 tooth "Sheep" Comb 

Right:  20 tooth "Goat" Comb


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