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"Pygora Postcards"
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Over the years, we have collected a boxful of photos that our customers have sent to us  of their Pygora kids in their new homes.  We thought it would be fun to share some of the "Pygora Postcards" on our website as many of our animals now reside across the U.S.

This colorful group of  Pygora kids now call New York home. 


Polar Bear, the Pygora doeling on the left, and Willie, the Pygora buckling on the right, love their home in the "Sunshine State" of Florida.  

"Caruso" is a black buckling with a chocolate fleece.  He lives in Kentucky with 3 other colorful Pygora doelings from our ranch.  



*Please note:  Out of respect for the privacy of our customers, we will not be posting their name or farm.  If you would like to find out more about these animals or where they are located, I would be happy to forward your questions on to our customers and they can contact you.

  Our e-mail address is:  lisa@hawksmtnranch.com  

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